Saturday, March 21, 2009

Three Screen Message Center

Here is a great idea for creating a multi-purpose message center for your home.


Double-Sided Three Screen Photo Holder

1- Can of Acrylic sealer

1- 2oz Acrylic Paint (color of choice)

Soft grade sand paper or sanding sponge

2- 12x12 Sheets of decorative paper

1- 12x12 Sheet of black chipboard

1- 12x12 Sheet of self adhesive dry erase

3- 5x7 Sheets of tin

Optional: Size appropriate vinyl or metal wording

Optional: Favorite buttons, and 1 pk. ½” ceramic magnets


1. Remove glass. Sand Three Screen Photo Holder, and wipe down with a damp, lint free cloth. Paint with desired color. Let dry, and then spray with Acrylic Sealer.

2. Cut paper, chipboard, tin, and dry erase sheets the same size as the glass. You will need 6 paper, 3 chipboard, 3 tin, and 3 dry erase pieces. (Remember, each panel is double-sided).

3. Clean glass. Create a "sandwich" for three of the openings in this order: Layer 1 glass, 1 paper, 1 tin, 1 paper, and then 1 glass for three of your openings. (Make sure the patterned paper is facing out on both sides of the panel so you can see it through the glass).

4. Adhere the dry erase pieces to the outside of three pieces of glass. Then create a "sandwich" in this order: Layer 1 glass with dry erase facing out, 1 chipboard, and then 1 glass.

5.Place combinations in desired openings.

6. Embellishing: Add your size appropriate vinyl or metal wording. Hot glue ½” ceramic magnets to back of your favorite buttons, to make fun magnets for holding your photos and notes.

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