Thursday, March 19, 2009


Spring is well on its way and it's time to refresh and renew the decor around your home!
Our new greenery provides a timeless and serene background for all your decorating projects.

Set in an attractive metal or ceramic container, or perhaps in one of our handsome trunks, greenery provides just the right accent and finishing touch for any room.

Garlands can transform a bookcase, mantel, or top of a cabinet grouping. Wrap a greenery garland around a grapevine garland and it adds even more height and depth to this type of arrangement.

Greenery bushes can stand alone, be mixed with other bushes, or be added to floral arrangements for a lush accent. They are a great touch on a shelf, table, or mantel.

Easy care and classic great looks make greenery bushes and garlands a "must have" on your decorating list.

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