Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Peek-A-Boo Slide Book

This innovative board book by Piggy Tales is made of all white chipboard and has 2 movable doors built into each page. The book measures 8"x8" and includes a template to cut out paper to cover the book.

Maureen has designed this darling "Book of Favorites" for her son. It features closeup photos of some of his favorite items so he can try to guess the answer to a riddle which Maureen has so cleverly written. When you slide the panel back, it reveals a complete photo of the item.

On the cover, the panel slides back to reveal a picture of her son.

You could include photos of your child's favorite toy, blanket, and stuffed animal.

Maureen has taken advantage of the large pages that don't have any doors to display photos of her son playing with the toy that was showcased on the previous page.

After seeing her son grabbing at the book with his sticky little fingers, Maureen decided to cover the sliding tabs and photos beneath with a piece of clear protective acetate. Then the photos won’t get scratched or damaged.

Small die cuts make great page embellishments without adding lots of bulk.

Leave a personal note for your child on the back for him to enjoy for years to come.

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