Friday, June 5, 2009

Reflections of a Female Entrepreneur

Hey, where did May go? I just realized I almost missed National Family Month. Yes, National Family Month (Mother's Day through Father's Day), a Congressional recognized celebration to raise awareness and underscore the importance of family.

A department in our stores that has been growing the past couple of years is Games and Puzzles. Some of you will remember Toyland in the basement of the Rexburg store. When I was little, it was only open in the winter months. Chuck remembers sitting with his grandfather Porter who would man Toyland and he would play with the toys.

As June rolls around, it reminds me of sitting in Toyland with a sub pump and trying to keep it clear of debris as we pumped flood water out of the basement after the Teton Dam broke.

It's been said before, "staying in is the new going out." Especially if you are college poor or a cold spring Family Home evening night, playing board or card games is one way to get friends and family together for an evening of friendly competition and plain everyday fun.

Our own Wackee Six, developed in Newdale, Idaho, has been our best selling game and next has been Apples to Apples.

A newer game from Buffalo Games is the T-Shirt Game. The T-shirt Game is the party game "wear" funny matters. Create your own T-shirt by matching ridiculous slogans to outrageous images. To create these laughable masterpieces, the "judge" plays a T-shirt card, while everyone else throws in the best slogan card. Whether it's funny, to the point, or irrelevant, if the "judge" likes it, you win points. BOO YAH!

Chad in the Rexburg store, says he and his wife had friends over to play and had a great time.

The American Academy of Pediatrics believes that playing active games with children is essential to their development. Games are a means of entertainment for families who would rather talk than park their family in front of the tube.

As a grandmother first and an entrepreneur second, keeping Porter's stocked with great games is a pleasure. We will continue letting you know what is new, hot and fun.

Let's all celebrate National Family Month, not just from Mother's Day to Father's Day, but all year around.

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Alicia King said...

I loved the toys in the basement...good memories! and King's too!