Monday, June 15, 2009

2nd Saturday Recap

What fun figuring out ways to use non-traditional items on our scrapbooking pages! This was our theme for 2nd Saturday for June. We can learn to be adventurous in our life and on our pages. The one thing to be most careful of when scrapping with non-traditional items is to make sure they are archival safe. If you are unsure if an item is acid-free or not, go ahead and spray it with Archival Mist.

On the above page, little plastic pebbles called Skittles were used in the center of the flowers and in the top left hand corner as accents. Skittles are typically used as a filler in flower vases, but we found they also work great on a layout!

Here micro beads were glued with Tacky Tape to the green strips of paper at the bottom of the page. The beads were placed in a tray. Then the paper was turned upside down and pressed on the beads until all the tape was covered.

This gift bag is so cute! Rather than throwing it away or passing it on, it was cut in half and used as a background paper. Also, the beads spelling "Baby" were on the bag and reused in a different location as part of the title.

A wooden apple was painted and applied to this page as a fun embellishment . It was clipped into place with a large paper clip. It also helped to add dimension to the layout.

Although acrylic paint is often used to stamp with, try using it other ways. On this layout, a white patch was painted to make the alphabet stickers show up better on the busy background.

Look in out-dated dictionaries, encyclopedias, or other old books for your next embellishment. Here, some clip art flowers were printed onto an old phone book page and colored with a chalk ink pad.

A piece of corrugated cardboard makes an interesting photo corner on this layout.

Look around the house for objects that emphasize the theme of your layout. We all get junk mail...there's lots of interesting things there that could be used on a page, like this CD.

Don't have that perfect photo for your layout? Look to clipart or coloring books for an image that could become a cute and unusual focal point.


by MaryAnne Nelson

Here MaryAnne applied the "Think Big" theme from May by using big die-cut letters and journaling about how fast her baby is growing.

We can't wait to see what you share with us next month!

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