Friday, June 12, 2009

Glue Glider Pro

We just received a shipment of the new Glue Glider Pro adhesive and wanted to share a review of this great product. Whether you are a lover of adhesive dispensers or not, you have to give this one a try!

The Glue Glider Pro is much smaller than a traditional ATG gun, therefore making it more convenient to store or pack it for a crop. It's not heavy or awkward to use. The adhesive glides on smoothly and holds really well, even on chipboard. The adhesive is cut into small segments (1/16") so you can apply a little or a lot. It also rolls around curves easily. When you want to stop rolling, just lift up and it's icky, stringy messes.

Another part we love is how easy it is to refill. There's no need to have an engineering degree to figure out which wheel to thread it onto next. Just slide the entire refill cartridge in and you're ready to go! With 40' of adhesive, you can do lots of scrapping before having to refill again.

The Glue Glider Pro is a great value at only $14.99 for the dispenser + adhesive. We have both permanent and repositionable refills for $8.99.

After trying out the Glue Glider Pro, you just might have a new favorite adhesive!

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