Saturday, February 21, 2009

New Clock Kit of the Month!

Looking for a change of pace? How about trying out our Clock Kit of the Month? This adorable kit, designed by Tara Lehmann, is sure to brighten anyone's day! It's perfect for displaying in your scrap area, living room, child's bedroom...anywhere really! It would also make a fun gift for grandparents that they could look forward to every month.

Here's how it works:
  1. Purchase the blank clock. (Right now it's on sale for $9.99).
  2. Buy a pre-designed kit for $3.99 (available at the Rexburg store). This includes all the paper and embellishments you see pictured here. Even the stamping has been done for you!
  3. Carefully pull the face cover off of the clock and remove the hands.
  4. Assemble the kit and place it inside the clock.
  5. Replace the hands and the cover.
  6. Change your design every month, every season, or once a year. You decide!


*~McGarys~* said...

I thought that I would put a comment on here so that you know there are people out there that read this. IT was something that came up in are scrapbook get together and I thought that I would just say that I love being able to just get on the computer and see fun and easy crafts that i can due at home. So thank you for making this wonderful Blog:)

Stephanie said...

Thank you! We appreciate you taking the time to let us know. Happy crafting!