Monday, February 16, 2009

2nd Saturday Recap

How do you define love?

For many of us, it can mean love for a child, parent, spouse, grandparent, or other family member. The word "love" can also make us think about comforts in our life we wouldn't want to do without. What about the soft, cushy mattress you get to sleep on every night or the way your automatic dishwasher makes cleaning up the kitchen so easy? Don't forget your pets or your child's favorite toy. What hobbies do you enjoy or how do you and your family love to spend your time?

These are just a few ways we might define love. Here are a few layouts designed by Candi to get your mind going in the direction of "love."

This layout is a great way to scrap your child's school portraits. Candi placed a tag behind each photo that lists some of the things her child loves.

Sometimes we might take each other forgranted. Why not document a page for one specific person telling them how much you love them?

Don't forget the obvious definition of love. Here Candi has scrapped a photo of her wedding day along with the engagement announcement.

Do you have a favorite season? Tell all the reasons why you love it.

Don't forget the pets! They are part of our lives too.

Add a little twist to the "love" theme by telling us about your pet peeves. What do you love to hate? (As a side note, Candi found this silly photo online. Don't be afraid to look for places other than your own photo boxes for ways to put your point across).

Candi included a definition of love straight from the dictionary on this page.

Does your family know details about you? Too often we spend all of our time behind the camera and documenting everyone else's lives. Don't forget to scrap about yourself, too.

Valentine's products don't always have to be used specifically for that holiday. Feel free to mix it up a little. Candi made this "Heart Throb" layout about her two sons.

I really like how Candi documented a passage of time here. The first page shows their engagement photos and leads to a family portrait taken years later. She wrote about how their love over time has grown, not only for each other but for each of their children as well.

Now for a little show and tell. Mason is one of our regular 2nd Saturday scrapbookers and he loves to share his ideas! Here is his take on the January theme of "On Schedule." Great job, Mason!

We can't wait to see your ideas next month! Show us your definition of love!

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