Thursday, July 3, 2008

Project of the Week - Family Frames

Display your family name in this Project of the Week. Combine contemporary frames and vinyl to create a stylish work of art.

_One 12 x 36 Frame. Several styles to choose from.
_One pre-cut family mat. Different number of letter openings available.
_Background color matting. Available in a variety of colors.
_Vinyl letters to spell your name and a meaningful saying. Letters sold individually.

First select your frame and letters. Layout how you would like the finished project to look. Open the frame and clean the glass. Now is the time to place any background images in the mat. Suggested images include temples, family photos, and heirlooms; but you can choose anything you feel appropriate.

Next comes the application of the vinyl. Place the frame with the glass face down. Place the white top mat in the frame. Use the openings as a reference for the placement of your letters. Place your vinyl letters down on the glass. (Make sure that you have the name spelled out correctly. Your looking at the word from the back so it should be read right to left.)

With the application of the letters complete, adhere the background matting to the top mat. Check to make sure that the frame is still clean then attach the backing cardboard. Add the hanging hardware and clean the outside of the glass.

If you have selected a vinyl saying to accompany your name this can be place on the front of the glass or on the front of the top mat.

Hang your picture and admire the piece of art you've created.

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