Monday, July 21, 2008

Apron Patterns

Aprons have never looked so good. Porter's has stocked a fun array of apron pattens. Starting at $6.99 there is a pattern for any taste and style. Add a splash of color with a decorative print. Sizes for any age. Patterns such as Four Corners Apron, Flirty Skirty (shown in red), Kids Four Corners Apron, Little Spring Fling (shown in yellow), Church Ladies Apron, "Thats My Sister's Apron" (shown in blue), and more.


Anonymous said...

I've made aprons before but the cotton materials just don't seem to hold up after about three washings. Do you have to line this or double-side these to get them to hold up longer?


Anonymous said...

Lynn. On the rag apron, we used to pieces of fabric and stitched corner to corner.

On other cotton aprons, watch for the thread count. This should help. If not see one of the associates at Porters Fabric Department. They are a wealth of information. Porters