Saturday, August 8, 2009

2nd Saturday Recap

This past 2nd Saturday we talked about the advantages that come from documenting the experiences in our lives that help us keep learning. Sometimes we do not even realize how much we have learned from something until some time has passed by.

Below are some examples of how you could scrapbook ideas that encourage learning:

Document where you went to school.
I am so glad that I have this picture of my grade school. A few back they tore it down and built a new school in its place.

Scholastic Learning.
Little children learn at such a rapid pace that it is important to document such milestones.

Developing our Talents.

Document things you've learned about yourself.

Things you've worked hard to do.

Learning to use your imagination.

Below are some pages created by Hailey Brady for last months theme of "Courage." Remember the color red represents courage. Take note of her detailed titles that she made using her Wish Blade cutter. The Wish Blade and the Silhouette, (sold at Porters) do the exact same thing. If you like this look, you might want to look into getting a digital cutting tool.

This page documents the celebration of a holiday that is possible because of the courage of many good soldiers.

This young man had courage as he went through all the treatment of a broken arm.

Thanks for all the good ideas you bring to class! It helps all of us when you share.


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