Thursday, April 23, 2009


By Linda Porter

The flippant answer is that we want to cause you, the customer, and our long-suffering associates heavy duty headaches.

I could always say that it is spring and we needed to clean or the buyers over purchased and we need to find more room or every inch must pay for itself so the old product must go and that gives us more room. All above are at some time or other true, but the biggest reason is that you as consumers are always wanting the latest crafting crazy and we try very hard to keep up with you.

Because of the trends in Textiles, we just expanded the area in Idaho Falls where we have the cloth and sewing supplies. Purses, pillows, aprons and table runners are just a few of the projects that have been hot lately. Last summer, we moved Texiles in Rexburg to another section, giving it more room.

Our store in Idaho Falls was the first to have a bead shop and because of its success and requests for more product to be available in the Rexburg store, we are right in the middle of moving gifts and developing a bead shop in the front corner of the first section. Both stores are making a section just for the product that is required to make those beautiful watches. Everyday, Audrey, the store manager in Idaho Falls, is finding more unique watch faces and beads to offer those wanting to make a watch.

Both of these changes have caused great excitement in the store and more importantly we hope that we will be offering more of what you, our valued customer, is looking for.

When you stop in, always let us know if we are missing something. We always strive to find it if possible. You are always welcome to add a comment here on the blog. We love hearing from you.

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Alicia said...

you're too funny Linda! I have to say rearranging things makes product more noticable to customers who otherwise might not have seen them before!

(I'm Raul's daughter by the way, if you remember!)