Tuesday, January 19, 2010

2nd Saturday Recap

Stamps, Stamps, and More Stamps!

We had our first 2nd Saturday class for 2010 and had lots of fun!

So many of us have a collection of stamps that are neatly put away and haven't been used for some time. We talked about getting them out and putting them to use once again. It's a shame to have spent money and not be using them.

As well as using your old stamps there are new incredibly cute stamps available.

Porter's has a Stamp of The Month program by Great Impressions. If you buy two Great Impression's Stamps, you are able to get the stamp of the month for 50% Off. What a deal! Be sure to check out these stamps and the adorable examples on display.

This year when you sign up for 2nd Saturday, you will get a shadow box and a transparent calendar overlay. Each month your assignment will be to make a page to go inside the shadow box that matches a given theme for the month. The assignments will be given one month ahead so your calendar will always be current!

January's assignment is to make a February page using stamps.


Following are some examples of different ways you can use your stamps.

On this page, flourishes were stamped behind a vellum butterfly which creates a feeling a flight.

Sometimes it's hard to find the perfect embellishment for your layout. Use stamps and ink that match your papers to create a unique accent. On this layout, flowers were stamped and layered to create accent pieces as well as an eye catching title block.

Use various stamps with small patterns to create accents such as the flower petals that are shown here.

The VersaMark ink pad is very versatile and so much fun to use! This ink creates a "watermark" effect wherever you stamp, making it a snap to create your own backgrounds on any colored cardstock.

Another fun technique you can do with your stamps is to use bleach instead of ink. For some ideas on how to do this, click here for a great tutorial. Be sure to clean your stamps well after using bleach, as it will dry them out and cause them to crack.

There are a lot of useful journaling stamps out there. They are great for just that...journaling! But think outside the box, too. There are many cute accent pieces that can be made from a journaling stamp.

And don't forget all the great alphabet fonts that are perfect for creating titles and such.


Show & Tell

Chris Brown made a very cool star album for her January "Bling" assignment. Check it out!

You can find instructions all over the internet by searching for "Star Album Instructions". Thanks, Chris, for sharing your talent with us!


Here's a peek at next month's assignment...

For 2nd Saturday in February, we will explore different uses for a variety of inks (besides the obvious technique of stamping with them). I can't wait to see you there!

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