Saturday, September 19, 2009

2nd Saturday Recap

At 2nd Saturday we talked about mistakes and what we have learned from them.

We talked about how most paper has two sides so if we make a mistake we just have to turn it over or change our design a little.

Scrapbooking pages using scraps or papers that we may have cut wrong in the beginning can turn out some adorable pages.

Below is an example of using some of those pictures that are left over and don't necessarily tell a story by themselves. Here 4 photos were cut into a mosaic pattern and make a beautiful display of the landscape along the Oregon Coast. You can also use your nature pictures to cut up and use as the letters in the title on your page.

Next a small scrap of striped paper was used to create the design elements on this layout.

In the following layout, scraps from 3 different layouts were used to create this one page layout.

And again here scraps were used to develop a vertical design element. Using your scraps is economically smart and deepens your creativity.

Below is an example of some of the mistakes we may make in life but are fun to remember. This sweet girl had just cut her hair for the 3rd time by herself. This time was the least drastic of the three, and is now fun to look back at a laugh at some of the solutions that were used to make her hair look as sweet as she was.

Remember the journaling on your pages that focus on mistakes. It's fun to remember and you and others can learn and hopefully not make the same mistakes. HAPPY SCRAPPING!


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