Friday, July 10, 2009

2nd Saturday Tomorrow!

Our Theme for July's 2nd Saturday is Courage. Why do we need to scrapbook this theme? To remember that you can overcome and to help others meet challenges without fear.

So what do you fear? How do you face your fears? Here are some ideas to get you brainstorming:

  • Do you seek spiritual comfort?
  • Do you face your fears head-on or shrink from them?
  • What challenges have you had to overcome?
  • How have you changed or grown because of your struggles?

My sample page this month documents how my Father's life took a change of direction that he never imagined. He was simply a bookkeeper for an electrical co-op when the manager there saw a talent in my dad and sent him to Washington D.C. to aid in the battle to keep power prices in check. Since his first trip back east to the capital, he has returned every year for over 20 years. This simple assignment led him to leadership positions and opportunities that have taught him to rely on courage in his thoughts, actions, and words.

If you haven't been to Second Saturday, give it a try this month. We have lots of fun and teach you new and exciting techniques! You can also see what new products we have in the store. See you there!

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