Thursday, June 19, 2008

Project of the Week

Here is the first of our projects of the week in scrapbooking

Materials Needed:
fabric x2, thread, ribbon, clothespins, iron on paper, large frame (remove glass), pushpins, roll of corkboard, hot glue

Extra Thoughts:
Ever bought it and forgot it? You know, you get some new goodies and put them away and then forget you bought them in the first place? I love to keep new treasures and recent photos out in the open, where they can inspire me. An extra bonus: this board holds all the tools I use most… so I can get right to work!

Hints and Tips:
Lay your tools down on the fabric, then pin the ribbon tightly around them. Sew where you had the pins, and you’ll have a custom fit for your favorite tools. Don’t forget to make iron-on labels– so tidy!

Project created for Porters by: Maureen
Thanks Maureen:)

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